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Камышацкий игорь антрацит.

25 мая 2018 г. 12:01:28

Content transition and entrance transition Use content transition animations ContentThemeTransition to move a piece or a set of content into or out of the current view. Theme animations differ from theme transitions because theme animations target one specific element and exist in specific visual states within a control, whereas the theme transitions are assigned to properties of the control that exist outside of the visual states and influence the transitions between those states.

Камышацкий игорь антрацит

Connected animations provided by the new ConnectedAnimationService API allow developers to easily create an effect where an element appears to animate between views during a navigation. Add pathGeometry1 ; path1.

Камышацкий игорь антрацит

Usage of ConnectedAnimationService is covered in the reference page. Gives visual feedback of a tap or click on a tile.

Камышацкий игорь антрацит

If you specify a Fill of a Polyline , the Fill paints the interior space of the shape, even if the start point and end point of the Points set for the Polyline do not intersect. Fill and Stroke for shapes For a Shape to render to the app canvas, you must associate a Brush with it.

Камышацкий игорь антрацит

The next example creates a Rectangle with a Width of and a Height of Path class , Windows.

Камышацкий игорь антрацит

To create rounded corners, specify a value for the RadiusX and RadiusY properties. To create a basic Rectangle, specify a Width , a Height , and a Fill.

Камышацкий игорь антрацит

This enables minimal markup for horizontal or vertical lines. One example is in an app bar in which new controls can appear due to user interaction.

Камышацкий игорь антрацит

Gives visual feedback during a drag-and-drop operation. EntranceThemeTransition is equivalent to a NavigationThemeTransition with the default parameters, but may be used outside of a Frame. Add pathFigure1 ; pathGeometry1.

To create rounded corners, specify a value for the RadiusX and RadiusY properties. Using PathGeometry may be more readable than populating a Path. For example, a Point is part of the event data for touch events, so you can know exactly where in a coordinate space the touch action occurred.

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